#PhotoRecap Fantasia makes a wish come true

Fresh Entertainment Bahamas Makes a dream come true for the Bowe Family. #FreshCOL
After the singer greeted his parents and young sister Rashea Bowe, Mrs Bowe pulled out her smartphone, played “I Believe”, and Fantasia was serenaded by Rashad.

The 18-year-old can neither read or write and has a speech impediment, but he sang every word of the song.

The meeting became an emotional one for Fantasia. She cried and said she was impressed that Rashad sang every line of her song verbatim.

“Things like this is what let’s me know why I do what I do,” Fantasia told Tribune Health. “It’s not for the money, it’s not for the glitz and the glamour because all those things come and go. But its to bless people and to see him be blessed. This was a song I sang when I won (American Idol in 2004) and sometimes I need to hear that song myself just to encourage myself. To know that it blessed him, given the situation that he is in and that it makes him happy, it makes me happy, too,” she said during the exclusive interview.

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