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#PhotoRecap Throw Powder March 24

#PhotoRecap Freedom Fete March 10

Fresh (Foam) Freedom Fete – Costumer Appreciation

Foam, Kalik Light Platinum and Fresh Entertainment. Saturday, March 10 in Smugglers Square starting at 6 pm. Everyone FREE until 8 pm.

#PhotoReCap Beach Powder Fete Feb 17, 2018

Fete number two of the Bahamas Carnival season was a colorful success with the introduction of Freeze International to the Bahamas market.

Beach Powder Fete Feb 17, 2018

Saturday, Feb. 17, we take you back to where it all started. Join us on Arawak Cay for the Beach Powder Fete with DJ, Freeze International and your favorite #FreshEntBah DJs.
Tickets are $20 at the gate. Grab your team and come to FETE!
Gates one at 5pm.

$20.00Read more

#DJMixes Freeze International – Beach Powder Fete Promo

Join us in the Bahamas Saturday, Feb 17 for Fresh Entertainment BahamasBeach Powder Fete featuring Team Soca DJ, Freeze International from Brooklyn, New York by way of Trinidad.  This Bahamas Carnival season Fresh Entertainment introduces its audience to some of the biggest DJ names in the Caribbean. Saturday, Feb. 17 join Fresh Entertainment Bahamas on Arawak Cay for the Beach Powder Fete, starting at 5pm. Tickets are $20 online and at the gate. Download the My MobileAssist app for ticket giveaways and more.  Come to throw powder and an enjoy yourself.
FreezeInt on Soundcloud IG: @Freeze_International

First Glimpse 2018 – FREEZE INTL

Freeze International gives you a glimpse of 2018 Soca.

Soca & Chill DJ Redz

We are back at it with all of our original Fresh Fete DJs. Bahamas get ready for a night like no other. This year the Bahamas Carnival belongs to the people and we have full permission to get on bad. DJ Redz wants to give you a taste of 2018 Carnival with his latest mix Soca & Chill.

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