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A pioneer in hybrid entertainment

fusing the virtual world with physical experiences

Fresh Entertainment Bahamas began in 1989 with its first domestic project a national DJ Competition supported by Coca Cola. The company also served as the logistics and planning team on the ground for the Hip Hop Summit, working directly with Russell Simmons in the 1990’s.

Fresh Entertainment Bahamas is no stranger to high profile international projects the team has served as management for the legendary Waggy T, and assisted with producing destination events in the United States, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

In 2012 the company gained high impact visibility with its Celebration of Love “ Fresh COL” event which featured R&B mega star R Kelly. This was a monumental milestone in the company’s product delivery. From pre- production marketing to event experience, Fresh Ent Bah effectively integrated new social media tools to engage fans, communicate the company’s brand messaging and manage ticket sales, which has created a standard for concert and event promotions in the Bahamas.

As a part of its brand identity the company has four annual signature events.

  • Fresh Live (Fall / Winter)
  • Fresh Unwrapped (Christmas)
  • Fresh Celebration of Love ( Feb)
  • Fresh Experience (Carnival Season)

Additionally, the company provides a turnkey solutions for corporate partners, investors, and buyers both domestic and international.
As a company that puts digital first we have executed numerous virtual plus events prior to 2020 global pandemic. In short, Fresh Entertainment Bahamas is a one stop for all your entertainment needs.

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